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Oct 24, 2019
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Welcome to infernoscape Guide

When you first login you will automatically be at ::home


To start lets go to train Or Mbox by typing in the command which is called ::train and ::Mbox, at ::train u will received Ckey and Money variated. and at ::mbox u will received mystery box with 1:15 Droprate which contain decent equipment, also u will get bones(stacked) from the penguins to train prayer which will be your next step.


These are the bones, Ckey and Mbox you can obtain from Penguins


Now lets go train some prayer at north side ::home


Continue this process until you have 92 prayer and to get the soulsplit prayer you will need to click the chaos altar [red altar.] to change your prayer mode.

Now you have gear and the prayer level to survive as well as 99 attack, strength, and defence; lets get some next gear at torquat by, clicking teleport tab or pressing teleport in magic spell and going to the section which is called 'monsters', then teleport to Torquat!


From this zone you will receive torquat soul, royal sickle and wolverine set (u can also use ::drops to see what npc drop)


Now that you have a good weapons and a decent gear, the final step is to go kill 'miniboss', found at the monster teleport menu and choose next page in the teleport menu mentioned earlier(it cost 500M each u teleport).
here u can get miniboss soul that contain variated equipment. or u can also try some weak boss to grind like bandos etc. at bosses teleport section


now after grinding a while u will get some (npcName) soul that can combine to (npcName) Key after u got 200 soul
after u combine that soul. go to ::soulroom and open soulchest then choose what key u have example we got tormented demon key click on key image and u will get possible loot from monster that u gave been slain