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October New Updates & Top Voter Rewards
Hello everyone, We have restarted the game server earlier this morning and applied updates, more updates are coming very soon. This month ends in 1 week then toplists reset so we want to encourage you to vote & get rewarded by doing that we will also gain higher playerbase and higher ranks on the toplist.
by Marcello
Oct 26, 2019
Game Update | Trello | Discord Nitro Boost
Greetings community, Early this morning we have updated the game server, we have also added TRELLO which is application to track public suggestions & bugs also fixed bugs into the game.
by Marcello
Oct 22, 2019
Halloween Event
Greetings community, After many successful tests game server is stable, we wanted to make sure the game has less bugs, no lags or crashes. Our main focus will be to improve the quality of the game, resolve reported bugs & implement newest suggestions from forums/discord.
by Marcello
Oct 20, 2019
Account Security
Dear users! Due to the fact that the entire world is in a struggle against the use of stolen personal data, we ask each of you to carefully read this message and take measures for your own safety. For the purposes of security, it is highly recommended to enable 2step verification on Forums, In-Game and Discord, especially for those of you who have the same password on the email and the game account.
by Marcello
Oct 11, 2019
Inferno Launch Day information
On the staff side we are preparing for weeks of hard work tied to InfernoScape's launch and ensuring that the launch is as smooth as it can be - we would like to underline a brief, but important knowledge on natural, temporary undesirable effects a new server launch may have (oldschoolers are likely familiar with it).
by Marcello
Sep 15, 2019
Huge Giveaway!!
Hello guys make sure to check our Huge Giveaway !
The first player to achieve: Normal Mode - All skills 120 lvl + 200M EXP
by Marcello
Sep 15, 2019